Cabernet Sauvignon
    Languedoc-Roussillon, France
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An utter steal for your upcoming summer BBQs -- $72 a 6-PACK, DELIVERED! Crazy!

The chateau is located in the Languedoc, near Pezenas, the hometown of Molière. Surrounded by pine forests and garrigue, it is situated overlooking the Herault River. The building that stands today dates back to the Renaissance, yet its dazzling, little chapel was constructed in the mid-ninth century. Records show that the property was gifted to the clergy in the middle ages by the kings of France. Jean-Claude Zabalia, one of the regions most talented winemakers, has left his mark on this property for the last twenty years. Jean-Claude has modernized and done multiple renovations to the property, and now is making arguably the finest wines of his career.

We were thrilled to grab a tiny parcel of his Cabernet-dominant blend, a wine that’s fairly light on its feet, and packed with flavor of red fruits, crushed flowers, dried cherry, even a bit of roasted peppercorn...totally delicious and immensely drinkable!!

While it lasts that is...at this price??!!