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    Napa Valley, California
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Normally $60, today $30...Palladian is a true micro-winery, incredibly rare to see ANYWHERE!

Yes, YOU will be the coolest Cabernet kid on the block (or in your state, even!) with this gem from St. Helena, nestled in the hills surrounding the famed Meadowood Resort. We bought every bottle we could of this true rarity and it is absolutely stellar. Our price? It’s hard to believe!

In the early 1980s, the Jones family purchased a piece of land adjacent to the Meadowood Country Club, and opposite the renowned Napa Valley Reserve. In fact, this very fruit is often sold to the Napa Reserve to make their $400+ Cabernets! It is also a stone's throw from D.R. Stephens Moose Valley vineyard, which fetches $170. In 2002, they secured a winery license and dug a cave on the hill, which is part of the vineyard. Their winemaker, Dave Mahaffey, joined them then, updated the farming procedures and prepared the winery. The vineyard is farmed organically with no pesticides, and David’s deft winemaking hand is evident here, perfected after more than 40 harvests in Napa Valley. 

Put yourself in the mind of “Bordeaux in Napa Valley”. This wine has structure, superb balance, and may very well be the finest Cabernet deal to ever grace this site. The 2018 release of this wine will be $80, so do the math here! This is a NO-BRAINER. Purple flowers, dusty black cherry, sweet cassis, cocoa nibs and blackberry are all so well proportioned you are going to be blown away. This has a Pauillac-like stony minerality and a super long finish to boot, and is entering a beautiful stage of its life, but still has plenty of life left, if you choose to cellar for 5 to as much as 20 years...yes we are still talking about a $30 wine!

ONLY 28 CASES at this sensational price...while it lasts!