Mendocino County
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"Mmm, Carignan. Somehow its ridiculously under appreciated as a stand-alone varietal (though that’s slowly starting to change), but hey, we love it, and therefore, you should give it a shot if you haven’t already. It’s got a great medium body with bright notes of red fruit like raspberry and dried cranberry, baking spice, a little charcuterie and anise thing going on and lovely bright acidity with modest tannins. In a nutshell, it’s delicious AND it’s great with food. Which brings us to today’s feature, Dropout Colombini Vineyard Carignan at 47% off! 

Jon Keyes with his storied past of dropping out (hence the name, Dropout) of UC Santa Barbara to pursue a winemaking career (starting at Sine Qua Non no less!) is the master behind this Carignan. Coming from Redwood Valley in Mendocino County, the Colombini Vineyard is a 10-acre plot originally planted in 1942. Keyes' delicate approach with this sexy varietal has resulted in a juicy wine with enrapturing notes of plums, raspberries and earth with a cinnamon-spice that just dances along the palate all the way to the finish. It’s fresh, pure and perfect to enjoy now. No need to wait 10 years, it’s a quaffable nectar made for sipping and savoring in the next few years. 47% off and sub $20, it’s just what you need stashed on your wine rack. "