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Any wine with “special club” in the name should be a straight giveaway that it’s worth exploring. Who doesn’t want to be in a special club? We want to feel special and be in the club, in the know, in with the cool kids.

So what’s so special about this bubbly? Besides the ridiculous, 50% off price? Well we’ll tell ya! There are only 29 members in the Club Trésors de Champagne and Remy Massin is one of them. What’s so special about this particular club? Well we’re getting there, now hold on! To be a member of this very exclusive group of vignerons, one must produce wines in their own facility and source the grapes from their owned vineyards that are maintained and managed to the utmost standards of quality. Then, in order to achieve a “Special Club” designation on a particular bottling, it must pass a series of tests after 3 years aging in bottle that is subject to a blind tasting by a jury of oenologists and wine professionals who demand irreproachable quality in regards to both the work in the vineyard and the wines.

It is no small feat to get this type of accolade! The bottlings are truly rare and oh so special. If you want a coveted vintage-designate remarkable sparkler, do snag yourself a few to have on hand for those noteworthy occasions.

The wine itself is highly aromatic with notes of white flowers, lemon balm, stone fruits, and cream. It has an ultra fine mousse, electrifying acidity and oozes luxury.

Incredible. 50% off. Here is your invitation to the “Special Club”.