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The Winemakers Blend from Charles Clement is absolutely stunning, bone dry and lively with fine bubbles and a zesty acidity.  Green apple and bartlett pear blend with lemon peel and a bready note on the palate, all elements adding something to the final product.  The latest addition to our import portfolio, this one comes highly recommended as a must drink.  Enjoy now through 2026. -Premier Sommelier Team

    Champagne, France
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Our best new Direct Import is a hat trick: Grower Champagne at a fraction of the cost with free shipping to boot! The fabulous thrill of Charles Clement Cevee des Vigneron lies in wait behind this orange label. Vibrant, rich, and with the depth of finesse that only the finest grower Champagne can offer, we’re in love with this class act.

Striking Gold. So much of Charles Clement’s beauty lies in the undulating bubbles which rise through fine liquid gold to create the delicate lace we all know and love. As our sourcing team scoured Champagne’s Aube region for gems, this beauty struck them first. Classic, timeless, richly layered. It’s the perfect way to celebrate everything, from surviving Monday to the glory of the ages. The most elegant of fireworks in one, perfect sparkler.

Grower Champs. Wine geeks have united behind the grower Champagne movement in recent years. Why? Because historically all Champagne was carefully grown and tended by contentious growers and then sold to cooperatives for collective vinification of fruit from a wide array of areas. You rarely got to enjoy the unique flavors of one vineyard, or the masterful skill that only a winegrower can impart to the grapes they’ve raised.  Thanks to Grower Champagne houses like Charles Clement, the people who know the fruit best are now making it for us to enjoy. Don’t worry, they keep to the classical tenets of Champagne lore. But now you get to enjoy Charles Clement’s glory in its purest form. But you should move fast, not much of this good stuff makes into the US.

Monks of a feather? Just 15 miles for Bar sur Aube, the vineyards of Charles Clement spread across gentle slopes. The nearby town of Colombarium, where the Charles Clement cellar sits, is so named for the many colombes, or doves which live in pigeon houses throughout the town. Wine flights gets very literal. If that’s not enough, the monks of Clairvaux kept a cellar there. Which lead to the village being named Colombe le Cellier. Or Cellar Dove in French. Strange birds.


Light golden-amber color. Toasted brioche aromas with fine citrus notes. Powerful and full-bodied revealing great freshness and amazing length.


It was created on 29 September 1956 by 22 vine growers, with an area of ​​18 hectares spread over Colombé-le-Sec, Colombé-la-Fosse and Saulcy with only one press. Rapidly added wine growers from the communes of Rouvres-les-Vignes and Lignol-le-Château. As the surface area grew, the structure expanded and the first bottles were marketed in 1972.

The bottles are sold under the brand CHARLES CLEMENT (founding member of the winery)

Today, 59 harvesters for a surface area of ​​110 ha are associated in the winery to develop all of our Cuvées. The vineyard spread over several villages allows us to obtain assemblages representative of the slopes of the BARSURAUBOIS.

A 71 kms from Troyes, 8 kms from Bar sur Aube and 8 kms from Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, Colombé-le-Sec has 154 inhabitants and extends over 878 Ha. Its name has been known since the XII century: "Colombare Siccum" in 1101 under the name of "Colombarium". This name would come from "dove". Indeed, the village contained many pigeon houses, some of which belonged to the abbey of Clairvaux. "Dry", would be a qualifier for its limestone plateau.

The monks of Clairvaux used to have a cellar there, which in some ways gave the village the name of Colombé le Cellier (14th century).
The CHARLES CLEMENT champagne comes from a Kimmeridgian soil, clay and limestone. This land, of high quality and enjoying a long sunshine, offers grapes with more structured juice, releasing powerful aromas where a subtle fragrance very fresh and very woody, scents of fruits slightly ripe.

Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grape varieties on 150 hectares ... Such a presence and a variety make it possible to produce the most subtle and optimum blends.

Discover a region, its villages, its traditions ...

Here in South Champagne, on the Champagne route, we propose you to meet a culture, a passion ... The visit of the Cellars with tasting allows to live in the unique atmosphere of the universe of Champagne ... Cite this century and the centuries Passed around techniques, forms, tools ... Meet the space where the walls have retained for so long the laughter, the exigency and the infinite patience of those who seek perfection.


Drink alone or pair with a savory cheese plate or veggie pasta.