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    Champagne, France
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NOW -- if you like your Champagne simple and light, hit delete. If you like it rich, toasty, brioche-y and spicy, with HUGE press and critical acclaim, and you want to pay FAR LESS than the rest of the world, THIS has GOT to be at the top of your short list at our wildly excellent price. The Devaux house dates back to the mid-1800s, and was, for a century, run by women exclusively. The latest generation (two sons) is making waves in Champagne with their stylish bubbly and at the price we scored, you need a few of these in your cellar ASAP!

The critics agree -- Decanter 97, Suckling 92 points, Vinous 91. Here is the Decanter review: "An outstanding champagne with a marzipan, floral, citrus, pear and stone fruit perfume. The palate is rich and somewhat toasty with an energetic mousse; still youthful and bright. Good balance, length and complexity. Take a bow, Devaux!”

We couldn’t agree more, although we think there’s a bit more toastiness and fresh-baked-croissant loveliness going on! Fresh, zesty and immensely satisfying! In any case, we have just a few cases at this superb price -- grab it while we have it!