Champange, France
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Half-bottles of sparkling happiness from the family behind Chateau Lafite, Mouton and many more! Amazing price!

Too cool! We love half bottles of Champagne here at Invino -- they are perfect for any impromptu occasion, and of course just slipping one into your purse or backpack for solo consumption! We have an astoundingly excellent price today, way over 50% OFF!

Always an excellent wine on it’s own, the “Ritz” bottling is a special cuvee made for the Ritz in London, and now has expanded to all top Ritz hotels. The Chardonnay of this champagne takes us into the world of Barons de Rothschild champagnes, marked by an unforgettable flavor profile. A strong, assertive opening that leads into a well-rounded wine - powerful yet restrained; the sign of long aging in traditional cellars. This exceptionally fine cuvee exudes aromas of pear and nuts (almonds, fresh hazelnuts) marrying with hints of white flowers and faint toasty notes. The wine's brilliance and clarity show pale golden highlights, combined with very fine bubbles that carry an abundant, persistent foam. This rich, ethereal and complex cuvee embodies the essence of the Rothschild family's winemaking values: perfection, constancy, and a spirit of purity and refinement, all given the utmost of care.

We have but a few cases of these super-cool splits to sell -- while they last!