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Winning a Gold Medal from the Challenge Millesime Bio—one of France’s top competitions for organic wines—and a Silver Medal from the Concours Mondial Bruxelles is easy work for this bargain-packed 100% Chardonnay sporting a workhorse IGP designation.

How does Domaine Attilon get such breadth and complexity from this humble ground? In part, this Chardonnay’s character is due to the sandy clay and limestone soils of Attilon’s southern Rhone vineyards. These vines enjoy similarly perfect terroir as those in Burgundy—home to France’s most honored Chardonnay. Domaine Attilon is run by winemakers Renaud and Odile de Roux, pioneers of organic viticulture in their native Rhone Valley. In this deliciously fresh and non-oaky white, the de Roux have achieved the impossible—authentic French Chardonnay truly priced for any old day or dinner.

·       The production of Domaine Attilon is certified organic, with respect for nature and the environment a top priority at every step in the vineyard.

·       Attilon’s terroir consists of sandy, limestone-rich soil, and the vines growing at this domaine enjoy the regular influence of the Rhone’s famously chilly and powerful Mistral wind.

·    France’s Pays d’Oc IGP—short for Protected Geographical Indication—is the largest appellation in the country, accounting for an impressive 92% of the country’s varietal wine.

·       The 2017 vintage was one of France’s most low-yielding in decades, with late frosts and generally chaotic weather producing tiny amounts of wine throughout the country. Fortunately, quality is high.