Chenin Blanc
    Mendocino County
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Those who enjoy zesty, complex whites will find a lovely partner in this Chenin Blanc. It has tons of character (not to mention aging capabilities like our friends in the Loire) and shows just how delightful California Chenin can be. So if you love the grape or just a bit curious, at our wicked $15 price (53% off retail!!), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add this to your collection of summer sippers.

The man, the myth, the Merryvale legend of oodles of 90+ scores (who also had a stint at Peju) known as Sean Foster is behind this divine Chenin Blanc. A couple years ago he launched Vintone and also helped kick off Onward and Farmstrong wines with his wife Faith Armstrong Foster. With these projects, Sean is able to flex his 25+ year winemaking background with his passion for the purest expression of site and story.

Sean’s love of cool-climate Chenin led him to this particular planting of sustainably farmed 40 year old vines on the Sterling Ranch in Mendocino County.  And it should be noted, there isn’t a ton Chenin Blanc planted in California these days (less than 1% of total vineyard acreage in the state), which makes it a sought out varietal for hip producers who love the Loire and are keenly aware of the class, prestige, ageability and unique character this grape is able to convey.

Complexity is the name of the game here. Vibrant aromas of freshly sliced apples and Shinko pears are coupled with notes of honeysuckle, lemon curd, marjoram and wet stone. There’s a lovely roundness to the palate with a kiss of lemony acidity and flavors of tangerines, beeswax, pear and lemongrass.

This is a fun little wine, that for our price definitely needs to be invited to the party. $90 a 6-pack with shipping included. Enjoy!