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    Piedmont, Italy
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$50 OFF (yes!) -- normally $95! Even better? FREE SHIPPING on 3 or more! Drop-dead amazing price for Barolo from this legendary cru!

We’ve been importing Tenuta Carretta directly (thus the sensational price!) for years now. One of the most historic properties in all of Piedmont and making the best wines of their long history RIGHT NOW. We have 22 cases to sell and that’s IT! 

CANNUBI! Priced like this?! Cannubi is the "venerated old man", the most respected elder among Barolo vineyards, and thanks to the vines’ exposure to sun and to the particular microclimate, it is a wine of grand character, elegance and longevity. Tenuta Carretta is located in the south of Piedmont, in Piobesi d’Alba, in Roero. It is a winery with a rich story -- one of the most historic Italian wineries where past, present and future are integrated in the best way. Granted sharecropping rights in 1470 (!), it now is owned by the Miroglio family of Alba. 

The style here is long-lived, intense, perfumey with roses and violets, dried cherry, and a deep, long, spicy, complex and layered finish. Masculine tannins make this a great candidate for long aging, if you are so inclined. WOW! We only wish we had more!

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