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    Piedmont, Italy
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Normally $75! This has it all: great producer, vintage, vineyard and...PRICE! Plus free shipping on 3 or more -- don’t miss!

We’ve been importing Cagliero for some years now, but the '16s, as many of you know by now, are THE vintage to buy. They can virtually do no wrong…! 

The Cagliero family has owned land in the Novello commune since the 1600s. The price here is just unbelievable for single-cru Barolo. The Ravera vineyard is becoming one of the more sought-after crus because of the work of producers like Cagliero, Elvio Cogno, and G.D. Vajra. Additionally, climate change has provided a bit more heat to the region, which has benefited vineyards like Ravera greatly, which don't face directly south like Cannubi or Bussia. The vineyard itself is an amphitheater, and the vines are planted on the upper elevation limits of the vineyard. 

A wine to keep for several decades, if you choose. But, if you drink it sooner, expect wonderful, almost Christmas-like spice notes, blended with roses, violets, ripe Rainier cherries, orange pekoe tea, and a warm, harmonious texture. Nebbiolo at its finest!! We implore the Nebbiolo curious to give this beauty a chance, and the hardened Nebbiolo collectors (like us) to back up the truck on this one!!

Truly a screaming buy at our price today --- we have about 25 cases and that’s it for ALL INVINO customers. While it lasts...!