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    Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California
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The last time we offered you this, we sold out WAY too quick! So we went pleading to the winery...and...GO! FREE SHIPPING on 4!

What a price! And what a wine! Russiian River pinot at its finest, from one of the great vintages in several decades!

Located in the heart of enchanting Sonoma County, CA, the family-owned boutique winery places an emphasis on showcasing the terroir of the region. The small production winemaking techniques creates wines that are a worthy representation of the vineyards from which they originate. With hard work and a keen attention to detail, the handling of the fruit during its journey into wine mirrors that of the local growers who work tirelessly to bring us their beautiful bounty.”

Sourced from an ancient former apple orchard, the Peters Vineyard in this vintage is dense and loaded with black cherry, dark raspberry coulis, baking spices and allspice...even a hint of nutmeg, warm and round and immensely easy to love. At our price know how great these wines are...don’t miss!