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    Pinot Noir
    Sonoma County, California
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After selling out of Sage’s delicious chard, you MUST try the pinot. Sonoma Coast fruit, Justin Harmon’s winemaking…$22!! 

We’ve lived here since 1997, and actually WORKED with Sage Wightman back in the day. His cabernet was always a smash hit until he shuttered the winery in 2004, only to reappear as Orrin-Sage. The name is changed again, and the new winemaker is none other than Justin Harmon (best known for his 97-98pt Argot wines)!! After a cease and desist from a very large wine conglomerate, this winery had to change its name (from Orrin-Sage to Wightman), and we picked up a parcel at a simply stunning price. 

Just as his chardonnay was all about richness, buttery texture and opulence flavors, so is this pinot. This wine is STACKED with red/blue/black berry goodness, cedar shavings and subtle underbrush. It is very concentrated and generous with a fruit salad of flavors with highlights of cherry gastrique and white flowers.

It offers SO MUCH wine for our price today, so if you love big, ripe, pure pinot, we implore you to grab some of this. Honestly, we don’t know how we scored this deal, but we will warn you that we expect to sell out of this QUICK!