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    Pinot Noir
    Sta. Rita Hills
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Happy Friday! We got some Pinot lined up for you to close out the week because we know how much you enjoy this silky, elegant diva of all vitis vinifera. Today’s is a beautiful doozy that we are incredibly honored to share with you, at 48% off no less! A 93pt stunner with layers of flavor that is lightweight and positively divine…it certainly deserves space in your cellar (if we don’t hoard it all for ourselves first!).

"Candied red fruits of raspberry and pomegranate meet with rhubarb pie, sweet thyme and ripe tomato on the nose of this bottling by a San Francisco accountant-turned-vintner. It's supple and soft on the palate, with more tomato flavors as well as fennel pollen and tarragon.” – 93pts, Wine Enthusiast

Ryan Cochrane decided to pivot his path in life to the world of winemaking in 2009 after the agency he worked for imploded. He interned with Roger Nicolas of RN Estate in Paso Robles, and set out to learn all aspects wine production, from grape to glass. Though Ryan unfortunately passed away last year, his legacy lives on through his well-accoladed wines exuding his cheerful and enthusiastic spirit. This particular wine hails from the prized Fiddlestix Vineyard in Sta. Rita Hills, a site in which numerous producers including Jonata, Paul Lato and Tyler, to name a few, have sourced Pinot for their critically adored bottlings.

Light and lively, the nose bursts with aromas of cherries and raspberries with hints of earth, sandalwood and minerality. The palate delivers elegance with juicy red fruit flavors offering a hint of warm spice and savory notes with nicely integrated and tamed tannins.

Pinotfiles, you simply must try this beauty! The elegance! The delicate dance it delivers across your tongue is simply exquisite! Though we may try to keep it all for ourselves, do try to snag some at $116 a 4-pack with shipping included. Happy weekend!