Pinot Noir
    Willamette Valley
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Alright Invino fans, we know how much you love yourselves some Oregon Pinot. So to kick off May, we’re offering just that! And at a whacky, but immensely palatable price of $15, 48% off retail. Kick those heels in the air and let’s go!

Boedecker Cellars is the love-child of a dynamic husband and wife team with very specific preferences on their preferred style of Pinot Noir. In true marital form, they quabbled and squabbled and found the only way to satisfy their Pinot endeavors was to create a wine for him, Stewart, and a wine for her, Athena. The result launched a lovely, eye-opening approach to showcasing the veritable flexibility in how Pinot can illustrate terroir. (For reference, Stewart prefers the delicate, red fruit forward, lightly textured Pinots whereas Athena likes hers rich and supple with darker fruit notes.)

Their Willamette Valley bottling is charming representation of the vintage and embodies all the reasons why we love Willamette Pinots. Sourced from their primary vineyards that are organically driven and sustainably farmed, the wine is vibrant, fresh, earthy and wholeheartedly approachable. Enamoring notes of raspberries, cranberries and tart cherries with hints of cinnamon and warm baking spice with undertones of anise, damp earth and lavender. It’s silky, lush and dances its way to an elegant finish.

A brilliant wine for our humble $15! Don’t delay as this will FLY as everything else seems to do these days! $90 a 6-pack with shipping included.