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    Napa Valley
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What’s on deck today, you ask? Oh just some insanely priced (like 57% off insane) Port-Styled Cabernet Sauvignon from good 'ol Napa crafted by the incredibly talented hands of the legend known as Mark Herold. Bet you weren’t expecting that today, eh? This is a rare gem and one you won’t easily find these days, so if you’re a fan of bold, decadent, indulgent wines, continue on with our ramblings, if not, we wish you a spectacular weekend!

A wine that calls for a cool fall evening by a campfire in the forest after a day of hiking, or cozied up in a cabin with the snow gently falling outside, heck, even just a lively late-summer’s evening under the stars, this is soul-warming, luscious and the perfect end to a splendid day. Bust out a delightful cheese board or layer on the luxury with a dark chocolatey soufflé of sorts, this has everything going for it and more.

Those familiar with Mark Herold’s wines know he brings an immaculate, scientific approach to wine production, from the work in the vineyards to the meticulous management in the cellar. With roles at Joseph Phelps, Hestan and Harris Estate, not to mention the successful launch (and eventual sale) of his own Cabernet passion-project, Merus, Mark has firmly established himself as one of Napa’s most notorious consulting winemakers.

Big, ripe blueberries, blackberries and stewed plums burst in the nose with rich accents of molten black cherry chocolate cake, licorice and vanilla spice. The first sip is layered with warm stewed fruit, mocha, florals and black licorice offering a palate that is luscious but not syrupy.

Yummers! 57% off to boot! $116 a 4-pack (note these are 500mL) with ground shipping included. Happy Fri-YAY!