75% Nero D'Avola, 25% Nerello Mascalese
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It’s easy to find a bottle of wine to drink. The world is full of perfectly good juice. The hard part comes when you are looking for real wine from some place… that’s how Squadra was born.

There is no better way to discover the heart and soul of Italy than to pedal your way through the countryside – experiencing the authenticity of its many regions through crisp breezes, remarkable landscapes and the road shared with warm-hearted locals. The Squadra, composed of Master Sommelier, Bobby Stuckey, an award-winning Chef, Lachlan Patterson and an celebrated industry veteran, Tony McClung. They have been crisscrossing the winding roads of Italy for the past twenty years and, every now and they get off their bikes to discover something magical....these are the wines of Squadra. 

When it comes to climates suited for growing grapes, the island of Sicily is unrivaled. This rosso highlights the region's typical red varietals creating a wine that is equally delicious as it is captivating.


Medium-bodied with ripe red fruits and hints of cinnamon, this tastes old-world and tannic without being a wool sweater in your mouth. Give it some breathing room and it softens into a cozy cardigan. On the nose red berry clusters, cherry, blackberry and plum with spice, black licorice and leather. The mouth is fruity with cherry and strawberry, dark berries followed by spice.