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    Red Blend
    Amarone della Valpolicella Classico
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Amarone!! Sometimes it’s so challenging to find in this wine-soaked Bay Area of ours, even the middle-of-the-road versions let alone the stars. Hard to believe, we know! But when we had the chance to snag an ever so modest parcel of this during a trip to Italy, we just couldn’t say no. Especially with that 92pt accolade from Vinous who calls it ""A smooth, very well balanced, medium-bodied Amarone boasting suave tannins and an enticing easy-drinking quality. A lovely wine that will appeal to all those who look for a little less alcohol and power in their Amarone.”

Yes! This is a delightful ripe, juicy, savory, quite yummy, oh so Italian nectar of the generous-loving gods. While it may not be as powerful as some Amarones we’ve met, don’t confuse this with being light. Lip-smacking, suave, packed with deep flavors of black plums, sweet cherries, dried strawberries and red rose perfumes with a rich, mouth-coating palate with doses of sweet-chai spice and crème de cassis.

We feel so lucky to have snagged the small bit we did, and even luckier to offer it at over 50% off! $75 Amarones like this do not come around often, let alone for $35. So what are you waiting for? $35! 92pts! Madness we tell you, madness!