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An incredible single-vineyard riesling from Dr. Bürklin-Wolf. The estate is one of the most prestigious producers of riesling in Pfalz, even Germany. They were the first German member of the prestigious Biodyvin, a group dedicated to biodynamic certification. 

The Forster Ungeheuer bottling was hand-picked from fully ripe clusters, and fermented cold in a wooden barrels. The vineyard is on a south-eastern slope of the Haardt Mountains which gets heat from the surrounding basalt rock.

The wine is seductive, graceful and silky with vibrant notes of fresh mirabelle plums, Braeburn apples and white peaches with a lovely bouquet of florals like gardenias and honeysuckle that are complemented by generous citrus and cardamom notes.

Beautiful and immensely quaffable.


Refreshing fruit notes of mirabelle plums, braeburn apples and white vineyard peach with varying floral aromatics and fine citrus and cardamom notes. Charming and captivating with a delicate silky texture and mild acidity.


The Dr. Bürklin-Wolf Estate in Wachenheim at Weinstrasse is one of the largest and most important family-owned wineries in Germany, with tradition dating back to 1597. The total vineyard area amasses to 85 hectares – a treasure trove of top-rated vineyard sites in the unique landscape of the Mittelhaardt district. Bettina Bürklin-von Guradze, the oldest daughter of Dr. Albert Bürklin, inherited the Estate from her parents in 1990. Since then she has truly taken the lead at the estate by turning her own vision into a reality and establishing the winery as a pioneer and trailblazer for change in German viticulture. Carrying on where her ancestors left off, the key objective is to produce top-quality Riesling wines in harmony with nature. To ensure that the diversity and depth of the terroir could be mirrored and presented perfectly, Bettina converted the entire vineyard area to certified biodynamic methods in 2005, making Bürklin-Wolf the first German member of the prestigious Biodyvin group. The passion to respect the inherited resources, as well as maintain them for her children and further generations to come, is the focal point of all she does.