Chianti Montalbano
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"Easy drinking Chianti coming right up! Oh yes, that’s the name of the game with this Cantagallo Riserva. It may start out a wee bit on the tight side two seconds after uncorking, but once you let it breathe and open up, hooovah! This is just dried red and black cherry heaven. Bring the pizza! Bring the pasta! Maybe try your hand at making homemade doughs, it will be a blast! Make it Italian night!

At the price (um, hi $19), this is a singing Chianti Riserva produced from a working organic farm and winery in the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany. Yes, the Pierazzuoli family have run the 200 hectare Cantagallo Estate since 1970, and besides the amazing vinos coming out of the estate, they also produce olive oil, tasty preserves and a slew of other yummy noms. AND, they have rooms to rent with a pool and a restaurant. Agritourismo at its finest, yes indeed! If you find yourself frolicking in Florence/Siena, check them out.

So besides all the cherry goodness in the wine, there’s roses and rose petals, hints of leather and Asian spices...it’s warm, round, and perfectly balanced with lovely acidity and complexity. We said it’s easy to drink and it sure is because it’s got a lot to love about it (and at $19, come on now). Be sure to snag some and plan that Italian night, it’ll be oh so much fun! "