Tuscany, Italy
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Our favorite (and yours!) Brunello producer just released the awesomely delicious ‘19. Great vintage, and normally $25...this is a STEAL!

This “baby Brunello” is SINGING with bright red Tuscan sunshine, oh YES! Crisp dried and fresh Morello cherry fruit, red whips, a sweet cranberry note, rose petals, a whiff of dark cocoa powder, and a wonderful, lovely, delicious sort of root beer/sarsaparilla tinge that we cannot get enough of. Absolutely fantastic at this price, a wine to drink with absolutely everything, all the time!

La Fortuna is one of the oldest wineries in Brunello di Montalcino. They began in 1907, with Angiolino Zannoni, Gioberto’s great grandfather, growing seed crops and raising livestock. His son, Gino, followed suit, taking over in the 1950s at a time when the economic landscape was changing dramatically — people were fleeing the land in droves to take manufacturing jobs in the cities. Gino knew he wanted none of that, and so he bought the land his family was farming from the landlord.

The entire estate is centered around their centuries-old Tuscan farmhouse, where the family has lived for over a century. Around 20 acres of vines are planted between two vineyard sites, one near Fulginiae and the other in the south near Castelnuovo dell’Abate. The northern site is a bit cooler, while the southern vineyards are warmer, and each year they blend fruit from both locations, the quantity changing depending on the conditions in each.

You all LOVED the 2018 - we can say with some confidence that this is even better!! While it lasts!