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    Sauvignon Blanc
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We’re kicking off the week with beautiful, vivacious, mineral-driven Sancerre. This is a brilliant wine is just starting to hit its stride and is ready to perk up the taste buds. Grab a dozen or two of Kumamoto oysters and you’ve got a match made in gastronomic heaven. Sancerre! What other wine could so effortlessly bring joy to our lives with one sip!

Winemaker Éric Louis who crafts Domaine Curot and manages another family wine estate in the region, has a long lineage of winemakers in his family. His great-grandmother, Pauline, was an early pioneer in the region, planting, tending and bottling wine in the 1860s. Today, Eric carries the family torch and manages 30 acres of hillside vineyards in the village of Vinon, just southeast of Sancerre. The site is ideal for classically styled Sauvignon Blanc with its silex-rich and minerally driven soils that render bright, lively wines with impeccable finesse.

The wine! So mesmerizingly vibrant, we’re perpetually lost in what could only be described as sunshine in a bottle. Limes! Lemons! Gooseberries! Hints of tropical fruit, a dabbling of white pepper and crushed oyster shells. It’s minerally, clean, bursting with zesty acidity and ready to turn an otherwise mundane Monday into a joyous, spirited, sun-drenched day. Sancerre! 

A killer deal at $25! And before we forget, 90pts from our friends at Wine Enthusiast! Enjoy complimentary shipping when you swoop up 4 bottles ($100 a 4-pack!).

And in case we need to remind you again, Mother’s Day is coming up on May 10th and if your Mom is anything like some of our mothers, she’s not so subtly dropping hints for a few bottles of Sancerre. Don’t miss!