4% shiraz and 6% viognier
    McLaren Vale, Australia
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The Laughing Magpie is an outstanding example of Australians’ winemaking philosophy of not being afraid to blend grapes to make an exceptional wine; terroir counts for a lot, but blending fruit from several different vineyards just might produce a higher quality wine, according to many producers on the continent.

The bushland that surrounds the d’Arenberg winery is home to the native Australian bird, the Kookaburra, famous for its distinctive laughing call. Chester Osborn’s daughters named their two wild pet Kookaburras the “Laughing Magpies”, and as the Magpie plumage is black with a stripe of white feathers, the name has stuck and the Osborn’s thought this a great name for McLaren Vale’s first ever Shiraz (black) and Viognier (white) blend.

d'Arenberg is one of the undisputed kings of Australian Shiraz and other Rhone varieties that have historically defined the region. Fourth generation winemaker, Chester Osborn, recently converted all of the family's vineyards to organics and biodynamics and moved to solar energy in the winery. Having been inducted into Wine & Spirits Magazine's Hall of Fame for earning a place on its Top 100 Wineries nine times, this accolade is a reflection of d'Arenberg's revered reputation worldwide.


Typically delicious Shiraz characters of plum, mulberry, milk chocolate and sweet licorice give way to darker black olive, cedar and cocoa notes. The palate is densely packed with streamlined, chalky tannins. A Shiraz- Viognier that will suit everyone from the most avid wine connoisseur seeking a thought provoking experience through to someone who just wants to enjoy a quality red wine with their barbecued steak.