Mendocino County, California
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Don’t ask how we did it, but MAN! We bought every bottle we could. Sara & Tyler Burt make organic, biodynamic wines from their biodynamic estate in Hopland, CA. In the winery, they use simple, traditional techniques to ensure that the wines are meaningful and personal. It’s a true “the wine is made in the vineyard” approach, and as far as we can taste, they are CRUSHING it! 

The name comes from Verveine Citron, the French translation of lemon verbena, an aromatic herb long associated with love, magic and the supernatural. Clean crafted, sustainably grown fruit, with no pesticides, additives, or chemicals, making them a healthier option for the wine drinker, and good for the environment.

At a jaw-dropping $15, this wine is percolating with wild brambly blackberry, white pepper, new polished leather, and black currants...pure, clean and mouthfilling with good balance. Drinking perfectly right now... In fact, best if you make a plate of Shaking Beef from the much-loved Slanted Door in SF for the full effect! FIFTEEN dollars! Wow! While it lasts!