White Blend
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Conundrum has always been about daring to try something new. Starting with Conundrum White more than 25 years ago, when blends were virtually unheard of. Next, introduced was the Conundrum Red in 2011, followed by a limited release of Conundrum Rosé in 2016. That same year, the  Conundrum Sparkling, a wine that's perfect for celebrations of all kinds was also released. This second bottling continues the tradition of showcasing the best wine regions California has to offer. From the start of Conundrum, the Wagners ventured to vineyards from Napa to Santa Barbara County and everywhere in between in search of the best places to grow the varietals featured in each Conundrum. To make an elegant, crisp and refreshing sparkling wine, coastal vineyards were selected where cooling breezes temper the sun, creating just the right conditions for white varietals to thrive. 

For the final stage of this wine's production known as "dosage," when a final component is added to balance the wine's acidity and sugar,  Mer Soleil SILVER unoaked Chardonnay is used (made by Charlie). SILVER adds bright fruit components to the wine, including a subtle hint of the Meyer lemons that grow among some of the vineyards where the grapes are sourced.


This wine offers invigorating scents of citrus zest, with a nose that evokes the creamy lightness of lemon meringue. It is round on the palate, with bright flavors of key lime, peach and melon, layered with a warm hint of vanilla. A lingering freshness fills the mouth, with a finish that is vibrant and exhilarating, befitting a wine that is just the right balance of serious and light-hearted. Serve well-chilled.