White Blend
    Vinho Verde, Portugal
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Vinho Verde! Was $15! This is laser-focused, zesty, piquant white for all-the-time drinking!

Depending on your age, you might identify Vinho Verde with something your grandparents drank -- well, it has come a LONG way and these days is one of the finest white wine values on earth. Especially at our price!! Wow!

A blend of Alvarinho (known as Albarino in Spain) and Trajadura in the northwestern part of Portugal, near Galicia, Spain, this is shockingly sophisticated and delightful to drink, with layers, beautiful aromatics, dry, crisp and uber-refreshing. The flavors run from Meyer lemon to bitter lemon to key limes, with nice minerality, a savory salinity, low alcohol (12%) and ZEST. Clean, pure, terrifyingly easy to sip!!

Adega de Moncao was founded by 25 grape growers in 1958. There are older co-operatives in the country, but few as well-adapted to making wine styles for the modern market as this one. The area under vine has grown steadily over the past 60+ years, and now there are 1,700 members who farm, between them, around 1,300 hectares. This makes the Adega de Moncao responsible for around half of all the Alvarinho grown in this region.

$9!! Madness. Free shipping on 6+! We bought as much as we could at this tremendous price...please grab while we have it!